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1st day:

Arrival to Tripoli Airport:
Departure to Nalute

2nd day:

Nalut - Dirge - Ghadames:

Before leaving the Berber Village Nalut we make a short visit to the Berber castle of the area, then drive towards Ghadames passing through the Oasis of Sinawn and Dirge.

3rd day:

Ghadames :

well know under the name of (the pearl of the desert).

Morning visit to the old city and the Museum.

After a Typical lunch in a Medina house, we leave the city towards the deep Desert, first overnight: camping in al Hamada Al Hamra.

4th day:

Early in the morning we drive to Oasis Idri where we will have relax and lunch then we continue to the Awbari erg, second overnight, camping by Wadi Zallaf. 400km.

5th day + 6th day:

We cross the giant sand dunes and discover the beautiful salty lakes of Um Al Mandara_Mafou and Gabroun, camping in this area, a world of wonders, serenity, dreams and fascination.150km.

7th day:

Drive to Ghat passing through Awbari and Awinat.

Visit of the Touareg Capital Ghat.

Overnight in a camping amenage. There we feel like being Touareg.

8th day + 9th day:

Discover of Akakus.

In this heart of desert we spend 2 days in a strange nature crossing multi colored mountains with bizarre forms, sand dunes, wadis with different painting from the Neolithic time.

10th day + 11th day:

We continue towards Msak Mallat and Msak Mistafit and discover Wadis with very old engravings, two overnights camping.

12th day:

Murzuk - Germa:

After the visit of Murzuk village with its old fortress and camels market we drive to Germa ancient capital of Garamantes to discover remain of this civilisation that Herodote described the forth century B.C.when he visited Libya.

13th day:

Germa - Sabha Airport/Flight Sabha - Tripoli.

We end with the 4wd and fly to Tripoli.

14th day:

Morning visit to Tripoli: the Museum, the Souks, the Medina “Old city”, some ancient Turkish Houses, the Triumph arch of Marc Aureles….

Afternoon: shopping and free time.

15th day:

Transfer to the Airport to fly home.

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