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Leptis Magna in the most extensive ancient Roman ruins in the world , the visitor can see much of the imperial city of septimes severus , the emperor general known as the grim African.

Sabratha almost destroyed in the earth quake , ancient sabrathe has been restored . in parts . the most impressive of its building is the beautiful theatre with its triple tier front.

Cyrenaica along the coast towards the Egyptian border lie extensive traces of Greek colonization in the 7th century BC . there are five cities , now in ruins . The most impressive are Cyrene and Apollonia with its sunken port.

Villa Sileen not open the general public, this beautiful ,4thcentury Byzantine house right on the edge of the Mediterranean gives an idea of the lives of the rich and famous at the time. Attached to the villa (Close to Leptis)is complex bath house, the equivalent then of having your own private jet today.

The desert in the middle of nowhere, the visitor is overwhelmed by the astonishing beauty of the Sahara’s Great Sea. In the morning, when the skies are lit pink, mauve, purple and orange, it’s a miracle. Under a full moon, the dunes look like suede.

Oases in the desert the salt water Ubari lakes, including Um al maa(Mother of Waters) provides a visual relief from all the sand. Its easy to float away-the lakes are as saline as the Dead Sea.

Signs of ancient life Dated to some 12,000 years ago, spectacular galleries of rock painting and carving are scattered through the Jebel Akakus.

Ghadames The 3000 year-old caravan town of Ghadames is known as the peal of the desert. Once a year, Ghadames is cast in to the shade by the beauty of the Touareg women who come for the annual music festival in October.

Tripoli Green Square the heart of Tripoli , is where all the action is after dark. the souk in the old medina is the commercial heart of the city. Shoppers can buy almost anything here, silver by the ounce, antique brass lamps or even a cool drink from a boy wite a tray in the spice market, the heady smells of the pots of spices and nuts on display in open air stalls around Tripoli perfume the air, for the best coffee in town, try Al Shahed Café on Al Kuwait Street, It looks a lot like any bar you’d find in a provincial capital in Italy but the local twist on the cap, is a sprinkling of pistachio nuts and almonds crunched over the top, for those with a dedicated sweet tooth Al Haratya cake shop on Al Nasser Street in Tripoli, that taste for sweets a small part of the ottoman legace.

The people In Tripoli greet the visitors with a happy smile and want to know if they are enjoying their stay, and they mean it.

How to get there?

Travelers need to be ‘invited ‘ to Libya by a travel agent there, so you will need to book through one, for more information, contact as ALJADEDA.TOURS CO.

Email: info@aljadedatours.com


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