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1st day:

Europe - Tripoli.

Meeting the group at the airport and transfer to the hotel, dinner and overnight at the hotel.

2nd day:

Tripoli - Sabratha - Tripoli.

Morning sightseeing of Tripoli, including the national museum, the arch of Marco Aurelio, the mosques and souks. Departure to Sabratha, after lunch, explore the Phoenician Roman ruins, the theatre and museum, return to Tripoli for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

3rd day:

Tripoli - Leptis Magna - Tripoli: 250km.

Leptis magna is an excellent highlight of this Tour there we discover the beauties that Romans have left:

The Triumph arch of Septimes Severes, the Hadrian Baths, the nymph, the forum, the severian basilica, the old forum, the market, the theater, the old roman port, the amphitheater with the circus, and the Museum.

4th day:

Tripoli - Yefren - Garian - Tripoli.

Morning departure to Yefren, picnic lunch, after lunch departure to Garian, dinner and overnight.

Morning transfer to Tripoli.

5th day:

Tripoli - Europe.

Transfer to the airport.

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