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1st day:

Arrival to Tripoli

2nd day:

Tripoli - Sabratha - Tripoli :

Morning visit of Tripoli: Museum, the souks, the Medina” Old city”, some ancient Turkish Houses, the Triumph arch of Marc Aureles.

Afternoon: We discover Sabratha with its superb mosaic museum, Punic and Roman ruins and especially its wonderful theater.

3rd day:

Tripoli - LeptisMagna - Misiratha:

At Leptis Magna, we discover the beauties that Romans have left:

The Triumph arch of Septims Severes, the Hadrian Baths, the nymph, the forum, the severian basilica, the old forum, the market, the theater, the old roman port, the amphitheater with the circus, and the museum.

At the Evening: Departure to Misratha.

Dinner and overnight.

4th day:

Misiratha - Ghirza - Sirte:

We leave the coast towards Ghirza to discover the limes Tripolitanus system that the Romans had developed to stop and control the movements of the invaders coming from the south.

Then we drive back to the coast. Overnight in sirte, the nowadays government house.

5th day:

Sirte - Soltana - Benghazi - Ptolemais - El Baidha:

After a short visit to the Man Made River basin we continue the tour passing through Soltana where we discover the monuments of the fillini brothers.

After lunch in Benghazi we visit to Ptolemais one of the ancient main port of the Greek Cyrenica with its vast Greek and Roman field of Ruins.

We reach El Beidha at about 08 p.m.

6th day:

El Baidha - Cyrena - Appolonia:

Early in the morning we start the visit to the greatest Greek city of Africa:

Cyrena. There we spend all the morning contemplating the Greek and Romans monuments:

Cesareum, Basilica, Theater, Temples, Amphitheater, Necropolis………

After lunch we move to Appolonia, main port of Cyrenaica, to discover especially three basilicas, the acropolis, the theater and the governor palace.

7th day:

Ras Hellal - Slonta - Gasr Libya - Flight Benghazi/Tripoli:

Within this day we visit Justinian churchs and Hellenic mausoleum at Ras Hellal, the holly Greek center of slonta and the Mosaic Museum of Gasr Libya.

Evening flight: Benghazi_ Tripoli.

8th day:

Transfer to Airport to fly home:

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